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oneFish Community Directory
A fishery projects portal and participatory resource gateway for the fisheries and aquatic research and development sector.

oneFish also hosts the Fish Technology Knowledge Base

oneFish has taken a look at some of the best fish finders (for the money), best portable fish finders, the best kayak fish finders, the best fish finder GPS combos and the best ice fishing fish finders.

Here is a list of popular reviews:

In the Spotlight…

  • IUU International Meeting, London (UK), 16-17 June 2005
  • International Training Course on Coastal Fisheries Management and Extension Methodologies, SEAFDEC (Thailand), 5 July – 18 August 2005
  • DIPnet: Disease interactions and pathogen exchange between farmed and wild aquatic animal populations – a European network
  • oneFish Newsletter May 2005

Recent Activity in…


  • Fisheries Management Science Programme
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Document 3: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (Lao)’
  • Document 2: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (Khmer)’
  • Document 4: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (English)


  • Aqua.cl [Chile]
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance
  • Setting Standards: Best management practices establish…
  • Aquaculture Best Management Practices Rule (FL, USA)
  • Aquaculture Production Best Management Practices (LA, USA)


  • Restoration and management of lakes and reservoirs. 3…
  • Natural resource management and poverty reduction
  • The tradable permits approach to protecting the common…
  • e-Journal of Land and Water
  • Transition in the Danube Delta fisheries management


  • Scientific consensus statement on marine ecosystem-bas…
  • Focus Group Research: Canada’s strategy for internatio…
  • The incident in Dullah Laut: Marine tenure and the pol…
  • Fishers at work, workers at sea: A Puerto Rican journe…
  • World atlas of seagrasses


  • Seafood supply and U.S. trade
  • A study of the market supply chains in the fisheries s…
  • Parasitology Online (Journal)
  • Environmental Assessment of Seafood Products through L…
  • Setting up and running a small meat or fish processing…


  • PIMRIS Newsletter 2005, March
  • Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science
  • Catholic University of Temuco, School of Aquaculture (…
  • Acuicultura y Desarrollo Asociación [Peru]
  • Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy


  • The Ripple Effect of Fishery Practices
  • La commercialisation du poisson en Guinée:
  • Marketing potential and barriers for fresh packed fish
  • An analysis of Japanese tuna prices using vector autor…
  • The substitutability among Japanese , Taiwanese and So…
  • oneFish development facilitated by SIFAR and FAO, with generous support from a range of Donors. more…

oneFish supports SIFAR’s mandate to:

  • foster more responsive research
  • encourage knowledge-based decision-making for policy
  • stimulate holistic debate and improve information-sharing