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oneFish Community Directory
A fishery projects portal and participatory resource gateway for the fisheries and aquatic research and development sector.

oneFish also hosts the Fish Technology Knowledge Base

oneFish has taken a look at some of the best portable fish finders, the best kayak fish finders, the best fish finder GPS combos and the best fish finders under $500.

In the Spotlight…

  • IUU International Meeting, London (UK), 16-17 June 2005
  • International Training Course on Coastal Fisheries Management and Extension Methodologies, SEAFDEC (Thailand), 5 July – 18 August 2005
  • DIPnet: Disease interactions and pathogen exchange between farmed and wild aquatic animal populations – a European network
  • oneFish Newsletter May 2005

Recent Activity in…


  • Fisheries Management Science Programme
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Document 3: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (Lao)’
  • Document 2: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (Khmer)’
  • Document 4: ‘Adaptive learning guidelines (English)


  • [Chile]
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance
  • Setting Standards: Best management practices establish…
  • Aquaculture Best Management Practices Rule (FL, USA)
  • Aquaculture Production Best Management Practices (LA, USA)


  • Restoration and management of lakes and reservoirs. 3…
  • Natural resource management and poverty reduction
  • The tradable permits approach to protecting the common…
  • e-Journal of Land and Water
  • Transition in the Danube Delta fisheries management


  • Scientific consensus statement on marine ecosystem-bas…
  • Focus Group Research: Canada’s strategy for internatio…
  • The incident in Dullah Laut: Marine tenure and the pol…
  • Fishers at work, workers at sea: A Puerto Rican journe…
  • World atlas of seagrasses


  • Seafood supply and U.S. trade
  • A study of the market supply chains in the fisheries s…
  • Parasitology Online (Journal)
  • Environmental Assessment of Seafood Products through L…
  • Setting up and running a small meat or fish processing…


  • PIMRIS Newsletter 2005, March
  • Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science
  • Catholic University of Temuco, School of Aquaculture (…
  • Acuicultura y Desarrollo Asociación [Peru]
  • Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy


  • The Ripple Effect of Fishery Practices
  • La commercialisation du poisson en Guinée:
  • Marketing potential and barriers for fresh packed fish
  • An analysis of Japanese tuna prices using vector autor…
  • The substitutability among Japanese , Taiwanese and So…
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oneFish supports SIFAR’s mandate to:

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  • encourage knowledge-based decision-making for policy
  • stimulate holistic debate and improve information-sharing